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Crafting ideal solutions and helping your business achieve its goals

Lilcodelab is a team of multi-disciplinary software developers and consultants who transform your business ideas into custom software solutions.

We offer a whole range of software development solutions for various industries such as finance, manufacturing, healthcare, automotive, education, administration, and other.

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Mobile Development

Native Android and Xamarin cross-platform solutions

Web Development

Developing with .NET Framework, ASP.NET Forms, MVC, ReSharper

Enterprise Development

Scalable enterprise cloud solutions with .NET and Microsoft Azure

Desktop Development

.NET Windows desktop applications with WPF, WCF, MVVM

Internet of Things

Combining the power of hardware and software with Azures IoT Suite

Game Development

Virtual reality, augmented reality, game development with Unity 3D

Why partner with us?

First-class quality integration, design, development, and implementation services.
Fast-moving projects aimed at reducing your workload, stress, and cost through a clearly defined concept, scope, and timeframe.
Full-cycle development run by dedicated teams skilled in producing native enterprise-scaled software.

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